Anna is a dancer, choreographer and teacher currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. With tools from both the teacher’s education at DOCH and The Danish National School of performing arts, she has been in projects with kids and adolescents as target groups.

From September 2016, Anna has participated both as an apprentice and later as a dancer in the performance “Tillhet” by Live Art Collective MELO. The performance has been touring around Stockholm with support from Dans i Stan and is made only for students with special needs in upper secondary school. With this as an experience, Anna is working as a special aids teacher at Kung Saga Gymnasium where she sometimes teaches movement.

Anna is currently developing her own project called Do:Redo. This is an ongoing practice of using everything that you already have in order to create something new and hopefully reduce some artistic anxiety. She is one of the board members in INSISTER SPACE and is responsible of the organisation’s communication.

Anna has, among many others, taken workshops for Anna Grip, Rasmus Ölme, Ursula Robb, Karin Munthers Jameson, Ohad Naharin, Örjan Andersson, Mari Carrasco, Shai Faran, Malin Astner, Tiziana Fracciolla, Sigal Zouk, Libby Farr, Erik Eriksson, Inaki Azpillaga and Becky Hilton.

“Tillhet” by Live Art Collective MELO
2017 Dansens Hus, Dieselverkstaden and Haninga Kulturhus
2016 Dansens Hus

“I am faster than you think” by Cathryn Humphreys
2017 DOCH

Kulturama Hammarby Sjöstad
2016-17 Dansmix and Modern jazz

“Processor” Rasmus Ölme in collaboration with Ursula Robb
2016 Danish National School of Performing Arts

“Do:Redo” by Anna Fischler
2015 DOCH

“Comb your hair while it’s still shiny” by Anna Fischler, Jessica Helldén and Gry Tingskog
2014 Dansekapellet, Copenhagen

“Vill du veta” by Anna Fischler and Jessica Helldén
2013 Kulturhuset Stockholm

“Nr 4” by Live Art Collective MELO
2009 Dansens Hus

Daglig Träning at Danscentrum and Balettakademien in Stockholm
2016 –

The Danish National School of Performing Arts – Contemporary Dance and Choreography Programme
2015 – 2016

University of Dance and Circus/DOCH – Teacher Education Programme in modern dance
2014 – 2015

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School
2013 – 2014

Södra Latins Gymnasium
2010 – 2013