Anna Skorpen is a dancer currently based in Stockholm. She doesn’t see herself as a choreographer. But she creates dance things. So maybe she is a dancer and artist.

In 2019 she graduated from DOCH with a Bachelor in Dance Performance.

Anna is interested in movement. And bodies. And shapes. And sizes. And assumptions. About bodies. Gender. Roles. Power.

Emotions has been important. In relation to teenage years of good-girl-living. And she has developed her own practice that she calls angry dancing.

As Anna spent her high school years in point shoes. There is something about this art form that is stuck with her. Mainly the jumps. And being the duck and not the swan. She has created her own dance-class-stuff-thing. That she sometimes shares with friends. And often does on her own. Preferably on big soccer fields around in Stockholm.

Anna likes details. And nerdiness. Floating ribs and nerve threads. The stuff inside and around and in relation. These things we only notice when we have stomach ache.

Dance training

University of Dance and Cirkus, Stockholm, BA in Dance Performance, 2016-2019

Spin Off Forstudium i Dans, Oslo (ballet, jazz, contemporary, improvisation) 2015-2016

Fagerborg Videregående Skole, Oslo (dance program)
(ballet, jazz, contemporary, improvisation, dance composition) 2013-2015

The Norwegian Ballet School, Oslo (ballet, modern) 2013-2015

Fagerlia Videregående Skole, Ålesund (dance program) (ballet, jazz, modern) 2012-2013

Ålesund Ballettskole, Ålesund (ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hiphop) 2009-2013


The Occasional Tendency of Seven to Coalesce, Thomas Hauert, University of Dance and Cirkus, 2019
Splendour, Stina Nyberg, University of Dance and Cirkus, 2018
Oraboracular, Eleonor Bauer, University of Dance and Cirkus, 2017

Work experience

Assisted workshop with Stina Nyberg, Oslo, 2018
Soloist, FagerLive, Ålesund, November 2014
Dancer, Ålesund Opera Choir, Ålesund, May 2013
Dancer, Cabal Models, Ålesund, 2013


IndYog Contemporary and Flying Low, Narendra Patil, Berlin 2019.
HJS summer intensive, Peeping Tom and Ultima Vez workshop, Amsterdam, 2017
De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, Summer Course, Den Haag, 2016
Oslo Dance Seminar, Oslo, 2016
International Summer Ballet School, Gdynia, 2015, 2014, 2013
The Central School of Ballet, Summer Course, London, 2012
Tring Park School of Performing Arts, Easter Course, Tring, 2012

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