Ida is a freelancer in the field of dance and choreography, based in Stockholm. From 2017, she holds a BA in Dance Performance from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts. Choreographic strategies such as vulnerability, shame and exhaustion – and the empowerment that resting in these can bring – are triggering for Ida both as methods and themes in her artistic work.

During 2018 and 2019 Ida has focused her practice within dance for and with differently abled children. This she does by holding workshops as well as performing and working with practices that enhance communication and provide sensorial and interactive art experiences for children who experience the world in a non-normative way.

LEK SAK is an interactive and sensorial art experience targeted for children with autism spectrum diagnose. LEK sak had premiere 14/10/2018 in Annantalo, Helsinki. This project runs both as a workshop and as a performance. The concept of LEK SAK is created by Ida, and the choreography by Ida, Sara Kauppila and Tiia Kasurinen.

The project is supported by Autism- and Asperger foundation in Helsinki, PAUT, Annantalo, Nordic Culture Point and Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

LEK SAK trailer:

How to do things with romance, A prologue:

That Choreographs Us:

Bitchcraft trailer:

Work within the field of dance and choreography

2018-2019 Creating and practicing LEK SAK– workshops in Stockholm and in Helsinki
2018 Specialpedagog in the field of Dance in Rösjöskolan, Sollentuna
2018 Board member of the choreographic platform and organization INSISTER SPACE
2018 Board member of economic organization SLÄKTET
2018 Dance teacher  YOGANSA
2017 Dance teacher  VIVA DANS

Extract from experience as performer between 2015-2018          

2018 LEK SAK, Annantalo, Helsinki
2018 Introducing organisation INSISTER SPACE, lecture at UrbanApa x Ateneum 2018 festival, Helsinki
2018 The Power of Naps, Lisen Ellard residency showing, Wip dance studio, Stockholm.
2016-2018 How to Do Things With Romance: A Prologue, Ellen Söderhult, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Marienhamn
2017 RUDY, Ellen Söderhult, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Marienhamn
2017 BITCHCRAFT, Halla Olafsdottir and Eliisa Erävalo, Stockholm
2017 2015 That Choreographs Us, Benoit Lachambre, Stockholm
2017 Vulnerability Manifesto, Stockholm
2016 Der Bau, Isabelle Schad, Stockholm
2016 Set and Reset/Reset, Trisha Brown Company, Stockholm
2016 A Thing on Chairs, Pinja Grönberg, Tiia Kasurinen, Olli Lautiola, Jan Nyberg, Stockholm
2015 The Container Piece, Maia Means, Stockholm


2017 Bachelor Degree in Dance Performance, DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts
2012 Graduate, Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts, Helsinki
2012-2014 Dancer, Dance- theatre Jazz-Point


Chrysa Parkinson, Anne Juren, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Rasmus Ölme, Benoit Lachambre, Manon Santkin, David Hernandez, Margrét Sara Gudjónsdóttir, Tilman O’Donnell, Cyril Baldry, Arantxa Martinez, Lucas Condro, Kate Pendry, Natasha Lommi, Ilona Kenova, Renan Oliveira, Nadja Hjorton, Joâo Costa Espinho, Kathleen Fisher, Amy Raymond, Thomas Zamolo, Alexander Georgiev, Mirva Mäkinen, Anna Grip, Dan Johansson, Emma Rozgoni, Jan Burkhart, Ulrika Berg, Leila McMillan, Sanna Myllylahti, Karin Jameson, Frederic Gies, Eva Meyer Keller, Johan Thelander, Alma Söderberg, Tove Salmgren, Cecilia Roos, Robert Steijn, Tero Saarinen and more.