Stockholms Stad

We are now on our 2nd try of applying for money to rent a space.

This time we divided the applied sum between Stockholms Stad, Stockholms Län and Postkodlotteriet, starting with Utväckligsstöd (support for development) from Stockholms Stad.

The application was written through following a score made by Oda that divided the writers into roles. This score you can find below:

Score for application writing stockholms stad

The finished result, which also broke with the score towards the end because of time pressure and was taken over by a solid copy-paste-method, you can find below.

note: They removed all the spaces between the paragraphs so it’s a bit hard to read, but it’s not so long.

Application utveklingsstöd Stockholms stad INSISTER SPACE

Stockholms Stad Budget INSISTER SPACE

Some of the differences in this application in relation to the last one are the lowering of costs (we are now more open for/interested in studios already existing for artists, smaller, less perfect?) and adding on ‘arvode’ for the board, a symbolic sum for the work we’re doing.

If you have any replies, tips and tricks, thoughts or questions, please mail them or bring them to our upcoming Exposition event! (wuhu)