Since the beginning of September AT ISSUE morning classes have been held at höjden, Östberga

This autumn the classes will be held by Anna Skorpen, Lucija Grbik, Vanessa Virta, Elinor Tollerz Bratteby, Gry Tingskog, Corinne Mustonen, Elise Nuding, Aurore d’Audiffret, Sonja-Riitta Laine, Oda Brekke, Klara Utke Acs, Tove Salmgren & Lisa Schåman.

50kr per class / 100kr per week
Free for members of INSISTER SPACE or höjden

The classes will be be held as AT ISSUE: a format that has been proposed and reformulated and is still in movement. The content of each class is up to the member that is hosting. Anything from a guided class to a question is welcomed into the frame – the important thing is the focus on facilitating a mutual learning process where everyone studies.

Funded by Kulturrådet.