Emma Strandsäter is a performer and a dancer based in Stockholm. Since 2017, she holds a bachelor in dance performance from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts.

Her practice plays with dissociative states through altered and multiple identities and how to push emotional and sensorial perception by using fiction in somatic work. She is interested in altered bodies but also how to alter and effect relations to other bodies if shifting in empathy or resisting and redirecting attention.

Emma is a co-initiator and board member in INSISTER SPACE, a non-profit organisation using choreography as a way to question and rethink the conditions of working as a freelance artist in the field of dance and performance.

She is performing in Halla Ólafsdóttir and Eliisa Erävalo’s Bitchcraft and has recently performed in pieces by, among others, Benoit Lachambre, Isabell Schad, Sindney Leoni, Marianne Baillot, Andre Soares, Joao Espinho. She is continuing her own project Figures in Relation.

Figures in Relation

Figures in Relation is a practice and performance dealing with the body as singular but several. It plays with fiction, dissociation and imagination in order to disrupt the subjectivity sensed as one body.


I feel them as much as I feel you.
And your others.
When I move you.
They move too.
You are all of them.
You are several.
As I am. As we are.
It is right here, where we were born.
You will give birth to us,
and kill us the same time.




Lurky Lucy ed.2

Lurky Lucy ed.2 is a room constructed as a power-play between the performer and the audience. It gives agency to the act of observing and spectating as an active and space taking action.





2017 Weld company exended, at Weld, Stockholm
2017 BITCHCRAFT by Halla Ólafsdóttir and Eliisa Erävalo at Weld and DOCH, Stockholm
2017 That choreographs us by Beniot Lachambre at Weld, Stockholm
2016 RUDY by Ellen Söderhult at Weld, Stockholm
2016 Der Bau by Isabelle Schad at DOCH, Stockholm
2016 Set and Reset/Reset by Trisha Brown Company at DOCH, Stockholm
2016 Nouvelle Vague by Marianne Baillot, Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto
2016 O (Criaturas Fantásticas) by André Soares, Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto
2015 Choreography for Eyes by Runa Norheim at HAUTSCENE, chopenhagen



2017 Figures in Relation (solo work) at DOCH, Stockholm
2017 Co-initiator of, and board member in INSISTER SPACE
2017 Lurky Lucy ed.2 (solo work) at RUM 203 Jönköpings länsmuseeum, Jönköping
2015 The Container Piece initiated by Maia Means in collaboration with Ida Arenius, Vanessa Virta, Dario Bardam, Oda Brekke and Gry Tingskog, The Festival Festival, Stockholm.
2015 Spectangles with Max Wallmeier, Vanessa Virta, Marco Behal, Maia Means, Ivan Wahren, Robin af Ekenstam and Nikita Johansson, STDH, Stockholm