Welcome to Exposition: INSISTER SPACE! This evening is a public event – a presentation, explanation and demonstration of the ideas and visions of this artist driven organisation. It will also be the start of a collaboration and dialogue between INSISTER SPACE and Weld. 

The event is proposed as an exchange between the board of the organisation, potential members and others interested. The board will make visible the foundational work that has been done since February 2017, manifested as various structures. We hope that you would like to enter into conversations, to discuss and problematise, and to join the activation of the structure INSISTER SPACE.



With more than 30 members and other interested gathering at Weld, a lot of time was spent talking about what INSISTER SPACE is, what we do and what we want to be and do.

A conversation was started with everyone speaking from clear points of reference, actual or fictional, and many of the matters the board had introduced were touched, pushed, held and left alone.

Pictures follow.