ABF studio space

We have gotten access to two theatres connected with ABF where the board can meet and start structuring the work of the fall! ABF creates space for study circles, and working groups within performance, which makes it possible for circles to book 3 hour slots in the different spaces.

It’s great to have the support of ABF, who’s values in several points correspond with those of INSISTER SPACE, but it’s also a solution that creates limited possibilities. So it’s a great start but only a temporary one.

The studios are at Södermalm (the one at the picture) and Odenplan, and has the restriction that it’s always the same group working together. This makes the real work, involving a changing and expanding number of people creating INSISTER SPACE together, difficult, which simply points to the borrowing of these studios being a very temporary solution that most of all makes it possible to find more ideal spaces to occupy.

But for now it’s a big step and I look forward to getting a bit more hands on with the ideas dreams and practices that will start up this organisation.


Underneath, the ‘stage’ studio at ABF’s collaborative space, Folkets Scen