fictive figures

Ida, Oda and I spent time hanging out and exploring fictive figures during the members meeting 14/2-18.

We met them who are the spine and expands out as nerve fibres finding its way beyond the fingers and toes. Them, that shine and glimmer when being exposed to light and gives weight to the uterus and ovaries. We met him who is the pumping blood and comes and goes in rhythms. Him, with purple hair styled in pointy sharp spikes. We met her who is placed upon the kidneys and kicks from there with no warning. Her sexual organ is bigger than her head and she expands her tongue to mark her jaw. At last we met her who pressures behind the sternum and finds rest in the skull. She shifts between the image of a paper, cotton and electric cables.
Since it was valentine’s day, we could not just let that fact pass. In the end we spent time meditating with healing stones and focused on our heart chakra – to open our bodies for love and emotion.

/ Emma