HOFFICE RESIDENCY WEEK is a collective residency for administration. Bring your to-do lists, applications or e-mails and explore new ways to do administrative work together with others. 
WEEK 1: September 11 – September 15
WEEK 2: October 30 – November 3

Time: 10.00-16.00

Location: SITE Mårbackagatan 11, House H, 123 43 Farsta



—FREE and OPEN for everyone—

What is HOFFICE?

HOFFICE, initially meaning “home office” is a format initiated by INSISTER SPACE in 2017. HOFFICE is a collective research on how to do administrative work in other ways, with more solidarity and support. Instead of everyone working alone against the same deadlines, HOFFICE provides proximity and collectivity for the work that is necessary in order to make artistic work possible. 

HOFFICE RESIDENCY WEEK is a collective and free residency open to everyone taking place at SITE. We come together during the busy deadline weeks of local, regional and national grants to work together in a different way; rejecting the alienation that the competition in our field creates to instead support each other, ask for help, and build structures that create community. 

HOFFICE RESIDENCY WEEK September 11-15, focuses on the application deadlines for the Project Grants from Kulturrådet (deadline Tuesday 12/9) and Stockholms Stad (deadline Friday 15/9).

HOFFICE RESIDENCY WEEK October 30 – November 3, focuses on Konstnärsnämnden’s Project Grant (deadline Tuesday 7/11). 

You can work on these applications, or you can just as well bring any other computer-based work. 

What is a collective residency for administrative work?

INSISTER SPACE wants to facilitate a space for artists to reflect on processes and develop methods for administrative tasks, where we can articulate how we work, share tools and try out new strategies together. How do you write applications? How do you structure the process and develop its content? How do you ask for help? 

The residency runs through Monday to Friday 10.00-16.00. You’re welcome to join for the whole week or parts of it. 

Each day begins with a guided warm-up for our bodies and our writing. Afterwards, we’ll share our tasks for the day as well as our desires for how to work on them. Based on individual needs, we’ll experiment with scores and structures for writing, how to break down a task, team up with others, and explore ways to feedback our own and each other’s work. We will structure slots for feedback, editing and giving advice. There is space to ask for and offer help, practically and emotionally. 

The days have scheduled breaks and lunch will be provided. We’ll end each day by checking in on how people are doing and what needs are emerging.

HOFFICE RESIDENCY WEEK is an open format we shape and develop together.


The week ends with a POST-APPLICATION BAR, a way to come together to celebrate submitting an application. Instead of saving celebration for approval, the POST-APPLICATION BAR is a way to celebrate the effort and labor of writing an application! The purpose is to shift how we value our labor and ourselves away from external approvals, to create a practice of celebrating and validating ourselves, together. 


Bring your computer, charger, headphones, notebooks and your to-do list.

Dates: 11/9–15/9 and 30/10 – 3/11
Time: 10.00-16.00
Location: SITE Mårbackagatan 11, House H, 123 43 Farsta

Lunch and fika: Vegan lunch and fika will be provided.

Hope to see you there! <3

<3: Insister´s