Hoffice is back!

HOFFICE is a solidaric structure for office related tasks. It is an exploration of how to do office and admin work in other ways, with more support and solidarity. It takes place at höjden, every Wednesday from 13 to 17, where you are invited to do administrative work, writing, emailing, studying or urging to-do lists next to and together with others.

Available for support, as well as for adding things to, is A Choreographers Handbook – the prequel, an online gathering of all information and administrative knowledge necessary in order to do choreographic/artistic work.  


  1. someone introduces what hoffice is and briefly shows The Prequel
  2. everybody shares what they plan to work with during the hoffice and their preferences on how to work in relation to factors:

– social/alone time

– self-running/collaborative/in need of help/lack of things to do

– sound volume and physical needs

  1. the group organizes and plans the space and time in relation to the above
  2. we hoffice 
  3. the last 20 minutes, we consider things to share to The Prequel