Lisen Pousette

Lisen Pousette is a choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm. Between the years 2012-2016 she studied Bachelor of Dance at ArtEZ Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten (Arnhem), and in 2019 she graduated in Master of Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts. Drawing from her background in choir singing, her practice is an ongoing exploration of the sonorous body. Moving through the most subtle to the most extreme vocal forms, her work pays an equal attention to the materiality and affective dimensions inherent to the expressive voice and its politics. During the recent years this investigation has been undertaken in close collaboration with dance artist Olivia Rivière (DK), which resulted in the works Ever losing (2019) and DUNKEL (premiere MDT 2022). Her work has been shown in venues such as Les Urbaines (Lausanne), Dansehallerne and Vega (Copenhagen), Inkonst (Malmö), Østre (Bergen), Fylkingen and Weld (Stockholm).