Things of importance

Sunday it was Ida and Oda who made the members meeting happen.

Things that happened on Sunday:

  1. Oda had a monologue on her experience of making plans for membersmeetings, this included some thoughts on the problems of planning performing, and her interest in practicing through cycles, letting the shift between activities frame each doing. She said she wanted to work with writing scores.
  2. We had a dialogue a bit on insister space meeting, content, structure and continuity, a lot about life in general.
  3.  We changed the original plan as it had been based on several participants and we made it fit the two of us instead.
  4. We read Tilman Odonnell’s text Whatever-Singularity-a-score
  5. We did cycles of dancing and writing (7min)
  6. We made the writing into statements
  7. We made the statements into a score

Five references that came up:

  3. Whatever-Singularity-a-score by Tilman Odonnell
  4. Workshop with Jeanine Durning at Ravnedans 2018
  5. Group mentoring with Chrysa Parkinson during degreeproject at DOCH Autumn 2016.

Two selected products:

  1. A text by Ida
  2. A score by Oda


7 min dancing
7 min writing
7 min dancing
7 min writing 

I am thinking about conditions, working conditions, living conditions, ideal conditions. 

I am seeing a contrast between my desires and reality.


I want to work exactly like this, the activity as a leader, the dance as a vehicle for communication, reflection and spending time together, very simply, existing. 

I want to do more, new, more articulated, differently, more same

But, I don want to be challenged into uncomfortability.

Challenge feels uncomfortable

How does the saying go…what happens when you step out of your comfort zone? Magic? Life? 

Insister space is an ideal working space, place, constellation, platform, dream.

But if it only works towards fulfilling the dream of not working for someone else, but framing the ideal working environment, what about everything that it doesn’t challenge, is that important?

What about every movement, technique, idea, instruction, score, tool, enlightenment I forget about every moment I am dancing?

The negative space, all of that is not there

Insister space is here for me to work with it, in it, challenge it and question it, re-articulate and speculate, but first and foremost it is for me as an platform of support and existing. 

And if I start resting lazily to it’s comfort, where does all the challenge go?

You know, all the classes, practices, techniques, workshops that I have hated- therefore learned so much from.

Is it smart to strive towards ideal?

I mean, is a constant disappointment a good thing? 

Good thing for what, one might ask.

I dont know at all, I could answer.

Maybe to moving forward, when is current good enough so that one doesn’t need to try to improve it anymore?

I met a male dancer few years ago, and he said that he is not going to apply for jobs that he has to do an audition to, anymore. He thought that he was so ready, enough good, that he didn’t need the friction/challenge/opportunity to be challenged in order to emprove- or get new jobs he didn’t yet know he could or would like to do. 





From whatever to a thing

Roles: Dancer and Witness

Task for dancer:

Engage in whatever kind on dancing, continue until you notice some specific tendencies appearing. Stay with them until it becomes its own thing.

When you feel like it has become a thing;
Become aware of another dancer in the space.
Approach her with/through your thing.
Keep doing your thing whilst noticing her thing.
Acknowledge that you are making a thing together.

Task for witness:

Focus on one dancer.
Make a score for the dance .
Make a new score for the second dance.


Monday it was Anna, Ida, Lisa, Emma, Vanessa and Oda making the meeting happen.

Things that happened on Monday:

  1. We discussed what Ida and Oda had done the day before.
  2. We did the whatever to a thing-score from the day before. As it generated more scores, we continued by doing them and so on and so on.
  3. We ended by doing a group dance, proposed by Lisa. The rules were that everyone were dancing, at any point anyone could name or describe the dance. This escalated into a pumping line-dance-machinery, with spicy rythms and techno associations. Super many dances and histories appeared inside one dance, and also a lot of dance-joy.

Referenses that came up:

  1. The performance On Line by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
  2. H&M collection: