Skogen 2021

Gothenburg 24.05.21-30.05.21

This is yet another year where INSISTER SPACE got invited to a residency at Skogen in Gothenburg. We danced, discussed, meditated, cooked food and made a zine. The zine has now found it’s way to höjden where visitors and friends can read it. The residency was organised so members from INSISTER SPACE could meet and dance together.

Members participating in the Skogen residency 2021 were:

Jennie Bergsli

Lucija Gibric

Ellinor Tollerz Bratteby

Lisen Pousette

Lisa Schåman

Sanna Söderholm

Austeja Vilko

Lisen Ellard

Oda Brekke

Elise Nuding

This is one of many ways members of the organisation take part of discussions, workshops and residencies. Some lingering memories below……!

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