from members meeting fall/17

We read “The Tyranny of Structurelessness” written by Jo Freeman 1972 ( A text which, deriving from the women’s liberation movement, discusses informal and formal structures, elitism and the ”star” system. Freeman stresses how organisations that are supposedly structureless are specifically not structureless – but simply without any formal structure. She discusses the possibilities and results of Structured groups (which are formally structured) and Unstructured groups (which are not). Important to note is that even in formally structured group, informal structure is always at play. But when no formal structure is decided and agreed upon, informal and hegemonic structures (patriarchal and rasist structure) will govern the group and their work; masking power and decision making and forming the basis for elitism. Freeman gives examples on how formal structure is necessary as means to make information equally accessible to all members, the power distribution democratic and visible, the procedure of decision making visible and formalized and thus available for all members to participate in and effect.

After the reading circle, the text was discussed in relation to INSISTER SPACE, the organisation of the dance field at large, the lack of structure for the freelancer and the metoo-movement in relation to this.