INSISTER SPACE has gotten a space!

Together with Wip dance studio we have signed a contract for 460 square meters studios and workspaces. The contract is for 5 years and will be extended so we’ll have 10 years in this new work-home for peripheral, important, experimental, solidaric and sustainable art.


Big thank you to Katrin Behdjou Arshi from Kulturförvaltningen and Daniella Näslund from Svenska Bostäder for leading us through and making this possible.

For the fall we’ll be looking for artists and establishing what kind of work will fill the house and how – so we’re ready to move in by the beginning of 2019.

The house is placed in Östberga, Stockholm, just behind a glass door at the ground-floor of a building that will also house a library, youth-house, pizzaria, flowershop and much more. It’s characterised by big open spaces, perfect for interdisciplinary, open source, sharing work – but also with rooms that can be closed so as to not require constant adaptation to social surroundings.

We are thrilled and a bit tired but mostly energised at the prospect of this new era.