Working Groups

The question of how to distribute and organise the work necessary to create sustainability and ongoingness through supporting structures, gathering information and sharing it amongst usis a question the organisation is continuously dealing with. INSISTER SPACE wants to share the work load between many, making us responsible for each another, and make visible all aspect of our work.

In a meeting at Bagis Folkets Hus via Plattform 17 six members discussed the possibility and format of working groups and came up with the following constellation of four groups:

Tasks: develop, consider and fill the Everything-calendar; A choreographers handbook: the prequel; and the facebook-group related to these.
Starting questions: What information do we need as freelancers? If information is a commodity used to build personal success, how to we let go / share it? Which systems could guide us into patterns of solidarity rather than self-promotion/preservation?
Contact person: Ida Arenius,

Tasks: Plan and dream of events for sharing work in formats of open stages, festivals or other.
Starting questions: What needs to be made visible and how can this be done? Which potential is there in sharing/showing and what structures would activate these potentials? Where, how and what? Is collaborations with other arranging bodies possible?
Contact person: Gry Tingskog,

Tasks: Thinking of and finding support through sponsors and spaces
Starting questions: How can we find alternative methods for creating economic sustainability? How do we function within a system we don’t agree with? Which places and people outside the system of funding bodies could sustain us materially?
Contact person: Anna Fischler,

Tasks: Consider what it means to be a member: Who, doing what, on which premises?
Starting questions: What should the continuous members activity be? How can we recruit more/different members? How can we work more/differently to strain less?
Contact person: Oda Brekke,